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ALii Leadership Institute

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ALii Leadership Institute

ALii Leadership & Innovation Institute is a Premier leadership and innovation institute that establishes one in leadership with an innovative approach. ALii sets itself apart and is known as a top-notch A-rated institution because its training is built on a Coaching - Coachee Platform. ALii also offers certification for Individuals, Organizations as well as City Chapters.

Students going through the School can expect current day trends teaching and innovative ideas and concepts to elevate their leadership.  

What to Expect

Leadership today seems to be a very loosely used word, behavior, and at times a joke. It seems that society has lost respect for what true leadership is and they cannot be blamed considering that so many leaders have fallen or have caused the followers to lose respect and trust in them.  The office of the United States Presidency is not even a position that is revered or seen by society as the epiphany of leadership as it was historically and that’s unfortunate.  What happened? 

At ALii we are defining and re-defining true authentic leadership. ​We apply the fundamentals, foundation, and laws of leadership as students are going through the program. 

Students have the option to choose a Leadership Tract as an area of focus. 

Tracts are:

  • Corporate Leadership 

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship

Leadership Degrees are offered in the following:

ALii Leadership Institute includes: 

  • Identifying various leadership styles

  • Learning the Art of FOCUS

  • Tools for effective resolution of conflicts

  • Understanding Generational Differences 

  • Being able to identify un-intentional biases and the significance of values

  • Leading like a champion and knowing that failure can be an option

  • Navigating the process of self-leadership in every area of one's life, whether that’s your finance, health, relationships, career, or purpose

  • Strategizing on how to be an effective and authentic leader

  • Shifting mindsets of what you believe success is and creating your own path to a rewarding destiny

  • Leadership in Finance 

  • Leadership in Relationships

  • Leadership in Health

  • Team Leadership and much more...

ALii uses Dr. Carolyn's latest book "The 10 Laws of Lead-er-ship"  as one of the workbooks for the  Institute.  It builds upon the Laws as outlined in the book and patterns a Coaching philosophy.  At ALii each participant receives top-notch, premier, executive teaching, that is designed to have the participants lead like a pro. Whether you are an emerging, aspiring, or established leader, ALii is for you. 

Upon graduation, students can go on to be leaders in various organizations.  Students who graduate successfully receive the ALii Certification Badge.