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Doctorate Degree

The Doctorate Degree Program is typically a two (2) year program that commences every September and January with graduations in December and July, based on the student's start date. 

A Doctorate degree is right for you if you are ready to earn the highest academic achievement. A Doctorate degree positions your life, career, vocation, and influence in an entirely different category. 


It validates your credibility in your area of study and proves that you have done the work necessary to master your art.  The program is accelerated and very hands-on.  Most of our Doctorate Program offers the option to choose to write a book, published article or a published dissertation.


What would have taken years and thousands of dollars will cost you much less at CiU. You can earn a doctorate degree and graduate debt-free. 

The Degree has a practical component to it and students are required to demonstrate what they have learned prior to graduation.

CiU Doctors go on to be Ministry Leaders, Chaplains, Pastors, Professors, CEO's, CFO's, Vice Presidents, Executives, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Corporate Leaders, Global Directors, and more...

The Doctorate degree is typically 120 - 180 credit hours.


Entrance into the Doctorate Program includes the following:

1. Apply Online 

2. Interview with Administration 

3. Letters of Recommendation 

4. Written General Paper 

Doctorate Degrees are offered in:








  • Master's Degree in a related field 

  • Interview

  • Letters of Recommendation 

  • Written Paper (Mini)  

  • No GRE or GMAT required 

There are no prepayment penalties.  Students can also invest in their tuition using alternate methods such as CashAPP, PayPal, Checks, and so forth. 


Apply Today! This is your time. 

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