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Associate Degree

The Associate Degree Program is typically a one (1) year degree program that commences every September and January with graduation dates in December and June. 

An associate degree is right for you if you're just getting exposed to college and would like to earn a degree. 

The associate degree gives your 60 credit hours that can be transferred to a Bachelor's Degree at CiU. 

The degree includes all the general fundamentals for your field. To qualify to apply for an Associate Degree, a High School Diploma or GED is required. 

Associate Degrees are offered in:

  • Ministry

  • Leadership

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Business Administration 

  • Healthcare Administration

  • Engineering


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • No Entrance Exam 

  • No SAT or ACT Score

There are no finance charges if tuition is paid in full. ​ There are also no prepayment penalties.  Students can also finance his or her tuition using alternate methods such as CashAPP, PayPal, Checks, and so forth. 

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