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Certificate Programs

Certified Coach

CiUniversity Certified Coaching Program helps you take your business, career, ministry, and/or life to the next level. 


The Profession of Coaching is growing rapidly, but unfortunately, not all Coaches are Certified by a credible institution and that decreases your income potential. Now you have an opportunity to be a Certified Coach in your area of expertise, whether that's a Life, Business, Wellness, Fitness, Family, Marriage Coach, and the like. 


The certification includes all the fundamentals needed to run a successful business and to be the best at your Art.  You work at your pace and the final session includes an Interview and Coaching Assessment with one of our Master Coaches before your Certification. 

The Certification Includes:


  • Personal & Organizational Vision & Mission Statements

  • Personal & Organizational Values & Beliefs

  • Situational Analysis

  • S.W.O.T (Internal & External Factors)

  • Strategy Formulation (with sustained competitive advantage)

  • S.T.R.O.N.G Goals (Personal / Business / Organizational)

  • Long Term Objectives and Goals

  • Short Term Objectives and Goals

  • 20/20 Vision Focus

  • Rewards System (Short & Long Term)

  • Accountability & Tactics

  • Strategic Implementation

  • Purpose Mapping

  • Strategy Evaluation

  • Strategic Refocus

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Skills/Competencies/Shortfalls/Training & Development

  • Vocation / Purpose / Meaning


   (Plus more)

Leadership Certificate

ALii Leadership Institute 

We are here to help you to become the best Leader. It's our goal to help you to "Lead Authentically, Live Purposefully, Amidst Chaos."


Innovation is the key to creativity and creativity creates cash. At ALii we want to see you prosper and have a seat at 'the table.'

Who's ALii?


  • ALii is a Global Leadership and Innovation Institute and is a Premier Institute that sets itself apart from other institutes, because its training is built on a Coaching - Coachee Platform. ALii offers certification for Individuals, Organizations, and City Chapters.

  • According to Merriam Webster Online, the definition for Ally is "a country that supports and helps another country in a war." 

  • A secondary definition is that Ally means "to join (yourself) with another person, group, etc., in order to get or give support." 


  • Therefore at ALii, we want to partner with you and help you to win the war of Lead-ER-ship, as it's in a state of emergency (er).  We believe that with ALii's support, guidance, and training, that you will have the right tools, the right partnership, and the right support to help you to be an effective leader. 

ALii offers individual certification for those that are looking to add a new certification to their resume, portfolio, and/or career. It is a 10-month certification program and you become ALii Certified upon completion of all required work. 

  • Like Six Sigma Certifications, organizations who successfully go through our Institute, can become Alii certified.  Your organization will be listed as being ALii Certified, which places your organization in a different category and set you apart as being an Innovative and Leading Organization.

  • ALii uses Dr. Carolyn's latest book "The 10 Laws of Lead-er-ship"  as one of the workbooks for the  Institute.  It builds upon the Laws as outlined in the book and patterns a Coaching philosophy.  At Alii each participant receives top-notch, premier, executive training, that is designed to have the participants lead like a pro. Whether you are an emerging, aspiring, or established leader, ALii is for you. 

Engineering Certificate

Students are able to earn a Certificate in Engineering in one (1) year through the School of Engineering. 

Engineering is a growing field and in this Certificate Program, we teach the fundamentals of engineering with a focus on Mechanical Engineering, Process Improvement, Lean Manufacturing, and Project Management. 

Students work at their own pace with a practical assignment and project. 

The Certification Includes:


  • Introduction to Engineering

  • Process Mapping

  • Project Management

  • S.W.O.T (Internal & External Factors)

  • Fundamentals of Problem Solving

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Steps to process improvement 

  • 5S Reengineering

  • Lean Management Principles

  • Quality Management

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Skills & Competencies in Engineering 

  • Mind Mapping Techniques

  • Principles of Management 

  • New Product Planning 

  • Introduction to Launching

  • Preventative Maintenance Planning

  • Team Building and more...


Students have up to one (1) year to complete each of the Certification Program. The Current tuition cost is $1800


Marble Surface

- Marla Viturello -

Mrs. USA Ambassador 2017

USA Ambassador Pageant, Inc.

“Dr. Carolyn is a world-class woman who is received so well by anyone she comes in contact with. Some people are natural leaders and Carolyn is one of those people.


She understands how to manage any situation and others follow her with loyalty love and respect .She is a true Leader and an icon for every woman to follow. Her energy and enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! Everyone should have a ‘Carolyn as a leader.’ This book will transform your life.” 

- Beverley Moore -

Executive Director

Safe Haven Family Network

“Dr. Carolyn is a prolific speaker that has a voice to awaken the world visionaries to walk into their destinies. Her passion and compassion to want to see the minds and hearts of those in need become mended and healed is truly courageous.


Dr. Carolyn continues to inspire individuals with little hope to dream again and is willing to show any vessel how to maximize their God given potential.”

- Chad Uebele -

President & Founder

Uebele Enterprises

“Thank you for your Leadership, Authenticity, Courage and Drive. Your belief helps me feed mine.” 

Dr. Carolyn is a genius, a visionary and one that will not steer you wrong.  She cares about those who she lead and serve. 

You are in for a treat when you are connected to Dr. Carolyn and her team.

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