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School of Ministry

CiUniversity School of Ministry Degree

One of the World's Best School of Ministry

The School of Ministry offers Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees in Ministry.  Students who successfully complete the Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate Degree Programs are eligible to apply for licensing or ordination at the completion of the program. 

Students going through the School of Ministry will receive options to activate and apply his or her gifts, talents, abilities, and training as well as earn milestone certificates, such as Minister Trainee Certificate, and Minister Diploma. 


It's Your Time to Earn a New Degree

An opportunity has presented itself for you to transform your mind, change your brain (neuroplasticity​), which in turn changes one's life. The opportunity to start fresh and new is here.  You can become a knowledgeable man or woman that you desire to be. According to Wes Moore, "Potential is available to everyone, but not opportunity."


Without education, there's no opportunity.  The opportunity to change lives, families, communities, businesses, and communities is here and it all starts with you. Apply today! 

Students have the option to choose a Ministry Tract as an area of focus. 

Ministry Degrees are offered in the following:





Tracts are:

  • Five Fold Ministry (Apostles > Prophets > Evangelist > Pastors > Teachers)

  • Clergy

  • Chaplaincy

  • Marriage and Family

  • Marketplace Ministry

  • Administration

  • Leadership



  • UNDERSTANDING your Authentic Purpose

  • Original Intent of G-d 

  • Introduction to Hebrew, Judaism and the Torah 

  • Being Established as a Leader

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Marketplace Ministry

  • Learning the Tools of Crisis Intervention & Conflict Resolution 

  • Mapping out the Blueprint for your life

  • Understanding Covenants & Wealth

  • Becoming  CRYSTAL CLEAR about your life

  • Finding Meaning in life

  • Learning about MINDSETS, BELIEFS & VALUES  

  • Getting the tools for Activation, Equipping, Mobilization 

  • Getting back to the basics and establishing a foundation 

  • Digging into Biblical Numerology and the significance of numbers 

  • Learning the ART of FOCUS 

  • Discussing Dreams, Signs, Wonders and their meanings 

  • Understanding how to apply the Word of God for every situation in your life 

  • In-Depth Study of the Torah and the Prophetic 

  • Introduction to Neurogenesis 

  • Understanding The Old and New Testament

  • Discovering which sphere of influence you are called to 

  • Clarity on Purpose 

  • Activating your gifts, talents, and abilities

  • Knowing when to be still and when to speak 

  • Seasons of life explained

  • Vision versus visions

  • Understanding Pause Moments and more...

Upon Graduation from CiU School of Ministry, students have the opportunity to apply for licensing or ordination based on certain requirements.  Learn more about Licensing and Ordination below. 

Licensing & Ordination

Church in U Global 

Network Affiliation

CiU Global Network is the licensing and ordination arm of CiUniversity. We license and ordain Ministers in the Five Fold Ministry, after training and recommendation from our ministerial staff. We offer 4 Types of Affiliations and/or Covering. 

1. Ordination

One who is established in full-time ministry and wishes to be confirmed by the laying on of hands. Students have the option to participate in a committed relationship to CiU Global Network as their primary source for apostolic/prophetic covering, or a ministry of their choice. 


Their goal is a mature ministry and seeing integrity, honor, and purpose restored to the fivefold ministry. Members ordained by CiU Global Network may be recommended as approved ministers and afforded other privileges.


Ordination for Ministries Other Than Pastors
CiU recognizes that in the Body of Christ there are offices other than pastors, such as apostle, prophet, evangelist, and teacher. While a person holding such an office should be a member of a local church, he/she may also head a Christian ministry that is not a local church. Such membership privileges in CiU Global Network should be available to that minister even though their organization is a local ministry. Local ministries must meet the requirements.


Privileges & Benefits:

  • Learning and Training in the Five-Fold Ministry 

  • Participation in monthly or bi-monthly Regional meetings (sometimes virtually) 

  • Recognition of fivefold calling and commissioning to launch a ministry

  • Complimentary Access to Annual Global Word of the Lord or Word of the Lord Tours 

  • Ordained minister ID card

  • Yearly personal prophetic ministry 

  • Guidance with 501(c)3 status





CiU Global Network may directly Ordain individuals who meet the following requirements:


  •  Should have an established work or itinerant ministry

    • Church / Outreach

      • 2 to 3 years in existence

      • Minimum of 25 adults in membership

      • Consistent meeting location

      • Regular services

      • Confirmed numerical growth and increase

      • Sustained personal financial support from the ministry

    • Itinerant / Other Ministry

      • 1 to 3 years in existence