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Joseph College of Business


At CiU you have the opportunity to apply integrity, leadership, and values in today's business environment.  As a Student, you will get to make a name for yourself and transform lives with a degree from our Business School.  


We are graduating CEOs, Vice Presidents, Corporate Leaders, Exceptional Entrepreneurs that are influencers and impacters. You have unlimited access to some of the industry's best companies as well as starting your own business with a CiU Degree.  Your day starts working for you the day you make a decision to become a Chayiler. 

Making Notes

2nd & 4th Tuesdays

6:00pm - 10:00pm CST

Joseph College of Business is one of the only Business Schools that not only teach business principles, concepts, and ideas but also have students directly involved with various businesses while in school.  Students will get to prepare business plans, pitch business ideas and so much more.  Student's can also choose a tract of study such as: Entrepreneurship, Corporate, Administration, Marketing and/or Management etc. 


Degrees offered are:

Certificates - 1 year 

Associates - 1 year 

Bachelors - 2 years

Master's (MBA) - 2 years

Doctorate (DBA) - 2 years

Students have the option to choose a Business Tract as an area of focus. 

Tracts are:

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Management 

  • Business Administration

  • Corporate Business 


Courses include: 

  • Principles of Business 

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Introduction to Finance 

  • Money Mapping

  • Understanding Streams of Income

  • Learning about Profits versus Revenue versus Income

  • Entrepreneurship 201

  • The 80/20 Rule of Finance

  • Business Integrity

  • The Art of FOCUS

  • Principles of Wealth

  • Discovering the spheres of influence 

  • Identifying the difference between Purpose and Passion

  • Activating your gifts, talents, and abilities

  • Discovering the Seasons of life explained

  • Learning how to run a business with the Mind versus the Heart

  • Values Training

  • Understanding Skills, Competencies, and Traits plus more...

Upon Graduation from Joseph Business School, some students go on to run their own firms, businesses, and enterprises. Business School graduates become CEO's, Directors, Vice Presidents, Marketing Directors, Investors, Financial Managers, Entrepreneurs, and so forth.

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