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Why Choose CiU?

01. Integrity

Our foundation is faith-based, wealth focused, built on integrity and leadership.  Our degrees are for the individual/s who are looking to advance his or her life, career, ministry, vocation, and/or business.

02. Accelerated 

Our degrees are accelerated, affordable, hands-on, practical, and purpose-driven.  Graduates of CiU graduate understanding their purpose, and direction in life. We help to position our students in their right career path so that each student is successful in his or her endeavors. Our monthly tuition investment equates to about one (1) credit hour at most universities and colleges.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime.  "Potential is available for everyone, but NOT opportunity." Wes Moore

03. Simplicity

We do not require ACT or SAT scores and there are no entrance Exams. We believe that everyone should have access to quality education without being rigorously tested on their current knowledge.  Not everyone learns the same way and some adults were simply not taught the correct way.  If you are not a good test taker or you get anxious when having to take an exam, well, look no further, as CiU will not need to test your ability of whether or not you have the qualifications necessary to be a Chayiler.  We are confident that through our practical teaching, you'll learn. Don't delay, apply today!

04. Practical

We use multiple teaching styles to attain different learners. Some students are kinesthetic learners, some are auditory, visual, and often times a combination of both. Therefore our class settings whether virtual or in-person provides different learning methods so that each student has an opportunity to learn in his or her way. CiU is the best for you if you want to be authentic while learning new ways to excel in your life, business, career, and/or vocation. 


We pride ourselves on being one of the only, if not the only university that teaches the practical, technical, and hands-on approach to education.  CiU students not only receive an exceptional education but also receive the opportunity to get the experience necessary in each student's area of study.

05. Flexibility

We are very flexible and affordable and have a vested interest in each student's overall well being. Our #1 asset is the people, whether that's the staff, faculty, students or our partners. CiU is just a shell without the people. Therefore, our approach to education is that the person is what matters first and not the degree. Become a part of our CiU Family, where we transform lives, one student at a time.  Your decision to join our family will shift your destiny. We welcome you as a Chayiler as you learn the CiU way!

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Chayil International University

What Sets Us Apart?



The Faculty, Investors, Staff, & Students are our #1 Asset 

Our Faculty Members are CEO's, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and more. They are professionals and experts in their field. 

People First!



Exceptional Education

Our degrees and certifications are A+ rated and are one of a kind. Our degrees are built on years of experience. 

The Product Matters!



A Proven Process

The Journey that each student goes through is fun and rewarding. We have a very user-friendly, online portal, and a top-notch effective communication strategy to help the students, faculty, and staff members stay connected.  Our process is streamlined and simple.

The Process is Key!

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About Us

"We Set The Standards"

Chayil International University was birth out of the need to have a University that is practical, very hands-on, affordable, flexible, high-class education, build on integrity, faith, wealth, and graduating our students without excessive debt due to its affordability. 

Ci-University is a private institution that is one of a kind offering Associate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degrees as well as certificates, licensing, and ordination. Chayil pronounced kah-yil translate to mean Wealth, Strong Men & Women of Valor. One of CiU's purpose is to create wealthy leaders and wealth creators.

CiU's Founder has taught at four (4) different University's, from private Lutheran Universities to public state technical colleges, plus has attended at least six (6) colleges, throughout her higher educational tenure. She knew that something had to be different and that's part of the foundation of the CiU. 


Statistics show that more than 70% of college graduates graduate in major debt, and have difficulty finding work in their field. One of the benefits of being a CiU Student is that it's handson. 

If you are looking for a University that offers flexibility in course offerings and affordable tuition, then Ci-U is for you. We are one of the only University that offers monthly investment plans, one-year degrees, and full support to help you achieve your goals. The faculty and staff work hand-in-hand with the students throughout the entire process. 

Chayil International University is accredited by Global Accreditation Federation (, whose values, philosophy, vision, and integrity align with CiU. Board Certification for Certain Degrees and Programs are also certified via GAF. 


In an effort to remain a private institution with flexible tuition offerings, AFFORDABLE COST, wealth focused, no requirement of ACT & SAT test scores and to earn a degree in one, two or three years, CiU decided that it needed its own accreditation organization that was qualified and credible enough to oversee our astute university. Global Accreditation Federation Board of Governance operates with excellence, integrity, leadership and a solid foundation. Being accredited by GAF also allows the following: 



  • No ACT or SAT Scores required

  • Monthly & Flexible Tuition offering

  • Affordable Tuition Options

  • Accelerated Courses 

  • Advanced Degrees 

  • No Entrance Exams 

  • Less stringent application process for Advanced Degrees 

Next Graduation 12.9.23 

The CiU Way


"Transforming Lives One Student at a Time"


CiUniversity is results driven and produces foundational Establishers 


"We Teach, Equip, Activate and Graduate our Students as Leaders"


"Everyone deserves an opportunity to earn a degree"


Integrity, Leadership, Education, Wealth, Faith


"We Set The Standards"


CiU Mascot

Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson


Dr. Carolyn G. Anderson is the Fresh New Voice that is creating a buzz Locally, Nationally, and Globally. She is a proud GenXer, In-Demand Keynote Speaker, International Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Author, Leadership Maverick, Army Veteran, Model, Host of the Dr. Carolyn Show and has been featured on the Steve Harvey Show and so much more.

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She's the EVP of The OMEGA Group (OG), a premier best-in-class firm that has over 30 combined years of service in leadership development, strategic mapping, visioning, life coaching, business coaching and so much more. 

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She's passionate about seeing lives transformed and teaching strategies of how to live life fully every day.  She's more than a Chancellor to CiU, she's the force behind the success matrix that's taking our University to an entirely catapult level. She's a Business Mogul, and an Educator at heart.  CiU is excited that she's join us as our Chancellor.