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Chayil Foundation


"Transforming Lives One Student at a Time"

Chayil Foundation is a 501c3 organization and donations are tax-deductible. We have launched our first scholarship fund and are accepting donations to offer scholarships to the underprivileged, underserved, less fortunate, veteran, men, and women who are looking to earn a degree or certificate in Leadership, Ministry, Healthcare Administration, Engineering, and/or Business Administration. 

We believe that potential is available for everyone, but NOT opportunity. Therefore, we would love your support to offer an opportunity to transform lives and change the trajectory of our world today. Without education, there's no opportunity.  The opportunity to change lives, families, communities, businesses, and communities is here and it all starts with you. Donate today! 

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George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund

On July 25, 2020, exactly two (2) months after the murder of Mr. George Floyd, our Foundation is proud to announce that we have also launched a GEORGE FLOYD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP (GFMS) Fund specifically for black, brown, and biracial men and women to earn a degree or certificate. Donors have the option to select their donation to go specifically to the GFMS Fund or to the general fund.  

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Chayil Academy (Kenya)

Breaking News: Chayil International University has launched its first Academy for Elementary age students and is in the process of building a 400 seat building to house the students.  We have been their Sponsor for Food, Shelter, & Clothing and now looking to build an Orphanage and School on the same campus.  We need your support and donations.  Donations are tax deductible. 

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Degrees are offered in the following:







Programs are:

  • Certificates

  • Associate

  • Bachelor

  • Masters

  • Doctorate

Upon Graduation from CiU, students have the opportunity to go into career fields that they would not have otherwise been able to without your generous support.

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